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Golf Holiday Algarve: When the Sun Shines on your Golfing Drive

If you’re planning a warm and relaxing golf holiday Algarve is one of the better choices in Europe. This fine slice of southern Portugal boasts miles of fine white beaches, a beautiful climate comparable to California, and some of the world’s finest golf courses. To find out more visit
There are well over 30 golf courses across the region, offering every kind of golfing experience, from the controlled and cool to the fiery and instinctive. On some courses, players find themselves surrounded by the serenity of wide, flat wooden greens and bunkers. On others they tee off amongst much wilder terrain, driving their balls through vineyards, valleys and ravines rich in eucalyptus, olive, plum and pine. Golfing with a truly Mediterranean flavour!
Sun sea and sand
If you planning that perfect golf holiday Algarve style, it’s good to know that the sun is pretty likely to shine on your drive while you are there: Algarve enjoys a particularly mild climate. Even in winter, the mercury rarely drops below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and in high summer (August) climbs comfortably in the 80s and 90s.
Algarve owes its balmy weather to the spectacular mountain ranges to the north: these keep out the colder air in northern Europe, allowing both land and sea to bask in all that enticing sunshine!

Golf Accessories – How to Pick The Perfect Golf Bag

Playing 18 rounds is not only fun but also physically demanding. Having the right golf accessories, golf clothes and particularly a golf bag, makes the rounds easier.

While golf carts are still present on many golf courses, the modern golfer prefers to carry his or her own golf clubs and golf accessories. Key to enjoying a great round of golf is having the best golf accessories in the ultimate golf bag that is light and functional. The current trend is to fully carry bags and golf accessories but the best golf bags can also have golf carts attached if desired.

Modern Golf Bags – Comfort and Functionality

The average golf bag should look to comfortably fit all 14 legally permissible golf clubs, tees, spare glove, golf head towel, golf balls, an umbrella and more golf accessories. The key here is in the word comfortably. Taking out the right golf club should be easy, and the design of the bag should allow the golfer to almost seamlessly withdraw the right club, never breaking concentration from the shot to be played.

Modern golf bags tend to come with stands so that when playing a shot, the golf bag can be left in an upright position. Carrying the golf bag has very much improved with double shoulder straps that are well padded. As golfers we love our golf accessories and modern golf bags are made from durable materials that offer a layer of waterproofing as well as the facility to attach an umbrella to protect the golf accessories while playing a shot.

Golf Accessories – What’s In Your Golf Bag?

Given that the current golfing preference is to carry one’s bag around the golf greens, the materials used should be lightweight. Ideally the golf bags should have several deep and double zipped pockets to allow for the safe storage of golf accessories. 

The design of golf bags has evolved so much that while they are highly portable, they often have TARDIS like qualities and are seemingly endless in storing capacity. The temptation to fill every space with golf accessories should be avoided and the most important golf accessories that are used most, such as tees, scorecard holder and a drinks pocket should be within easy reach.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Checklist For Buying Used Golf Clubs

Thinking of buying used golf clubs? Used or pre-owned clubs are a great option for golfers who are beginners at the game or for those who are on a budget. They are also a great alternative for regular golfers who simply want a spare set of clubs. But before buying your neighbour’s used golf clubs, take note of the following checklist to ensure that you are buying golf clubs that you can actually use.

  • Do your research
Take the time to research the various golf clubs that are available. This holds true both for brand new or used golf clubs. Ask your friends who golf for their recommendations. Go online and visit golf websites. There are thousands of websites related to golf. Read up on the different golf clubs available in the market. Find out what golf clubs are the best for you.

·         Carefully examine the Clubs
Once you have found a set of used clubs, you will need to check to see if they are in good condition. Are they showing signs of wear and tear? The first thing to examine is the club heads. Make sure the groves are still there and have well-defined edges. If you notice a worn spot right in the centre, don’t buy those clubs. It won’t be able hold the ball well. Steer clear from clubs that have dents, spots and indentations. These will affect the ball flight. And if you’re planning on buying a whole set, be patient and check each club.

  • Check the Shafts
The next thing to check is the shaft. Thoroughly check the shaft for bends or cracks. There are two types of shafts – steel and graphite. For graphite shafts, check for indentations or worn areas that could cause weakness. To test for a sign of weakness, twist the grip and head in opposite directions. To examine steel shafts, test to see if the former user simply bent it back into shape. You can check this by looking down the shaft to see if there are bends. The best way to check the shaft is to give the club a couple of swings.

  • Check the Grips
When checking the grips, look out for cracks, worn areas and splits. Re-gripping the clubs doesn’t cost much but if you plan on buying several clubs, the costs can add up to a hefty sum. 

  • Check For Consistency
If you are planning on buying a set of used golf clubs, make sure the clubs come from the original set. You wouldn’t want a set of mismatched clubs. Nor would you want a set that has different models or shaft types. Line up all the clubs and compare them. Again, the best way to check each club is to give it a couple of swings. 

  • Do Some More Research
If you have found the perfect used golf club, it may be wise to hold off from buying it right away. Do some more research and check out other pro shops. Or better yet, go online and research on the model of clubs that you are interested in buying.  There have been instances where manufacturers have sold brand-new sets of clubs at discounted rates because they were discontinuing a particular model.
The best tried and tested way to check if a used or even brand new club is right for you is to take a couple of swings. Even better is if you are allowed to give the club a couple of swings with a golf ball. Keep in mind the above checklist and you should be able to find the perfect golf club for you.

Buying Used Titleist Golf Clubs

Titleist golf clubs are most probably the best golf clubs in the market. Some golfers may disagree with this statement and have their own personal list of bests. In general however, most agree that a Titleist is a must-have in your golf bag.

For a beginner or a golfer on a budget, a brand-new Titleist may be a bit too much. A Titleist can be costly and a novice golfer should play at least a few months to determine whether or not the game is for him.

If you’re decided on buying a Titleist, used or pre-owned Titleist golf clubs are a good option. Some golfers are hesitant about buying used clubs. The great thing about Titleist is that they are usually able to retain quality longer than other models.

This doesn’t mean however that you should grab the first used Titleist you see on sale. Like all golf clubs, be it pre-owned or brand new, it is always best to carefully examine each club before purchasing it. This avoids wasting your hard-earned money and saves you from regret once you are on the greens.

There are many places to find used Titleist clubs. Its best to shop around and visit several different golf or sports stores before making your final purchase. Visit golf websites and online shops. There are hundreds of websites online that specifically advertise and sell used golf clubs. Ask your golf buddies or neighbours if they know of anyone selling their Titleist. Some golfers visit swap meets and garage sales and are able to find great deals on used clubs.

Once you are able to find a club, take the time to carefully inspect the grip, shaft and club head.  When checking the grips, look out for cracks, worn areas and splits. Re-gripping the clubs doesn’t cost much but if you plan on buying several clubs, the costs can add up to a hefty sum. Thoroughly check the shaft for bends or cracks. When inspecting the club head, make sure the groves are still there and have well-defined edges. Check for signs of extreme wear and tear.

After examining the club, take a couple of demo swings. Check to see if the length and weight of the club suits you. If possible, ask if you can practice hitting a few balls. If you’re at a garage sale, you can take a few swings on the front yard. If you’re at a shop, there may be an in-store practice nets.

Your dream of owning a Titleist golf club is well within your reach. Take the time to look and ask around. Pretty soon you’ll be at the course swinging shots with your “new” used Titleist golf clubs.

Best Kept Secrets: Where To Bargain Shop for Golf Clubs

Golf clubs can be expensive but this should not stop you from buying the set of clubs you desperately want. While you may find used clubs at pro shops and driving ranges, we are going to let you in on some of the less familiar places where you can find great bargains on golf clubs.

  • Garage Sales – Almost every neighbourhood has at least one golfer. Keep an eye out for announcements of garage sales. Check out your local newspaper for upcoming garage sales and take the time to visit a few. You may be surprised at what you’ll find. There is bound to be one person who at one time or another got bitten by the golf bug and bought himself a set of clubs. Unfortunately for him (but luckily for you), he outgrew the game rather quickly.

  • Car Boot Sales – A car boot sale is similar to a garage sale except it doesn’t happen in a person’s home. They meets usually take place in a public area where several people set up tables and sell a variety of used or second hand goods. Several golfers have been able to snatch up cheap but quality gear at these events.

  • Salvation Army – The Salvation Army is a favourite destination for people looking to find second hand clothes and accessories. Surprisingly, it can be great place to find golf clubs too.

  • Auction websites – Auction websites are a great place to find golf clubs and other types of golf gear. By the very nature of an auction, prices of clubs here are not fixed. Prices are heavily dependent on supply and demand. And if you carefully monitor your bids, you may just come away with a great bargain. One tip that a fellow golfer shares is to look for lesser-known auction sites. In doing so, you won’t be competing or bidding against many other golfers who are also looking for bargain golf clubs.

  • Friends, Family, Extended Network  – While it is common practice to ask golfing buddies “if they know anyone who knows anyone” who is selling clubs, try to expand the circle a little wider. With the popularity of golf, you never know who has set of clubs collecting dust in his closet. Try asking your mates at the office or perhaps the parents of your child’s friend at his next school gathering. Actively mention to anyone and everyone you know that you’re on the lookout for clubs. You may be surprised at the amount of positive responses you will receive.

There you have it. Pick up some clubs and get off on a golfing break. There are some superb golfing holidays in Portugal, Spain and elsewhere where you can enjoy you new kit. Happy hunting and happy golfing!

Benefits Of Custom Golf Clubs

The popularity and appeal of golf is at an unbelievable high, with more and more people getting addicted to the game.

If you are serious about the sport and have been playing for quite awhile, it may be a good time for you to consider getting custom golf clubs. You may want to either get a single custom-fitted club or customise your full set of woods, irons and putter. The beauty of custom clubs is that they are unique and specifically tailor-fitted to your specific playing characteristics and swing style.

The benefits of custom golf clubs are countless. When going to a pro shop or custom builder, you will be asked to try out several clubs. Your swing speed and performance will be observed and recorded. Clubs with varying lengths and weight will be given to you to try out. At the end of the session a list of recommended length of clubs, shaft, grip, size and design of club head, lie angle and set-makeup will be given to you. The end result should be a club or set of clubs that will complement your playing style and last you quite a long time.

Contrary to common belief, custom golf clubs are not that expensive. Ninety percent of all golf clubs sold in the US come out of China and other countries in Asia. Big name manufacturers will not admit to this, but it is true. Even shafts are being manufactured out of countries such as China, Bangladesh and Japan.

A good custom builder will use components made from the same raw materials used by the big brand names. Reputable custom fitters are able to source these materials through partnerships with golf importers and sometimes the factories themselves. This allows them to build custom clubs made of the same shaft, grips, heads as the big boys – but at a significantly discounted price.

All this translates to huge savings for the golfer. Unlike the big players who have huge advertising budgets, and cover these costs by selling expensive gear, custom builders market mostly by word of mouth and low-level marketing.

Golf fanatics will agree that getting custom fit golf clubs is a good move to improving your game. Not only do you get specially fitted clubs that are unique to your playing style, you are also able to get clubs made of the best materials similar to that used by brand names. All this at a lower price. So head to your favourite pro shop today. And start getting fitted for you custom golf clubs.

Benefits Of A Golf Training Club

Many golfers are constantly searching for the best training aid to improve their game. With so many options available, it’s easy to get  bewildered. Some players use a golf putting mat and cup or a self-correcting golf club. While others use more high-tech equipment such as a computerised swing analyser. If you are not careful in choosing the right training aid, you may find that your game actually gets worse.

Many players find that using golf training clubs is the most effective way to improve their game. Unfortunately, some golfers make the mistake of using their usual set of clubs as training clubs. Why is this a mistake? Because you’re not exerting the same effort that you normally do during your usual game. Thus your muscles are not exercised.

It is believed that the best training club is the weighted club. This special type of club has a heavier weight than that which a player is usually accustomed to. The concept behind this is similar to lifting weights. If you lift the same type of weights day in and day out, you won’t be able to achieve the results you want for your body. If on the other hand you increase the load of the weights, you are able to condition your body and build muscle. The same holds true for weighted clubs. Clubs that have heavier weight can strengthen and condition muscles that are used while playing golf. Another great benefit of weighted clubs is that its enables the golfer to work on their swing technique – from the set-up to the backswing and follow through.

The weighted club is also able to correct a common mistake made most golfers – hitting the ball as hard as possible. Most golfers think that they must hit the ball hard all the time. This of course is incorrect. Doing so is the quickest way for you to sustain a golf injury. With a weighted club, a golfer is able strengthen his muscles and condition himself to swing his club in a relaxed yet powerful manner. 

While there may be hundreds, even thousands of training aids out in the market - all claiming to guarantee results, many real experts will agree that the best is still the weighted golf training club.